How to select the Erasmus+ Host Institutions and exams to take abroad

How to choose the most suitable Erasmus location?        

The choice must be oriented towards a location in which the language required is already known at a good level, we suggest a minimun level of B1.


The list of locations with which there is an agreement with the School of Engineering can be found at the link under “Erasmus destinations” – academic 2022-2023 (the accademic year 2023-2024 is not published yet).


The criteria to selct the location are: ISCED code, knowledge of the language and Typology.

ISCED Code: It is the code of the subject area in which you can do Erasmus.


The student will be accepted by the host institution regardless of the course in which he/she is enrolled in Florence, but he/she will be able to follow courses almost exclusively (with small exceptions that cannot be ascertained before departure) in the disciplinary area of the ISCED code.


The ISCED code in the Engineering area generally are:

071 Engineering and Engineering Trades (code that identifies all Engineering areas)

0713 Electricity and Energy (code that identifies the Energy Engineering Area)

0714 Electronics and Automation (Code that identifies the Electronic, Computer but also Biomedical Engineering)

0715 Mechanics and Metal Trades (code that identifies Mechanical but also Management Engineering)

0413 and 719 are also code for Management Engineering

0732 Building and Civil Engineering (code that identifies the Civil, Building, Environomental and Geoengineering)

061 Information and Communication Technologies (code that indentifies Computer Engineering)

052 Environmental Sciences  (code that identifies Environmental but also Energy Engineering)

ATTENTION: this does not mean that those who are enrolled in Computer Engineering must necessarily choose the host institution with code 061, it means that the host institution offer almost exclusively courses in that area, which all Erasmus students can attend regardless of their course of study.


It’s necessary to check the information of host institution by visiting their websites (in particular the page with the information dedicated to Erasmus Incoming students) where there may be rules or restrictions on the choice of exams for incoming students, and then consult their educational offer. Once you have collected the information, you will have to check if and which courses are offered at a that university and if they can be included in your study plan.

Typology: It’s the level of the course of study (I Bachelor, II Master, III PhD).


How many locations is possible to choose?

Each student can apply for no more than FIVE host institutions, and he/she must prepare the study plan (Learning Agreement) for the first choice, but it is strongly recommended also for the second choice. However It is advisable to check the presence of exams compatible with the study course for ALL chosen institutions.


How do you choose the exams to take abroad?

In order to facilitate the research of the exams, the International Relations Office of the School of Engineering provides with A TABLE with the list of exams that have been validated in the last 4 years (free-choice exams are not listed in this file). Through the filter at the top of the column you can select your own study course to check the country and the institution where exams have been validated (the CDS legend is on the second sheet of the file).


However, it is recommended to visit the pages of the institutions to check the actual academic offer. Moreover, it is recommended not to refer only to the table of exams but to check ALL the available AGREEMENTS of the School of Engineering in order to have a larger choice.


When you have selected the exams to be taken abroad, it is necessary to get the equivalence FORM from the UNIFI relevant professor; this form is not necessary for free-choice exams. For further information please contact the International Relations Office.


Moreover, the Erasmus Delegates of the courses are available to give advice on the choice of exams only after having already made a selection: DELEGATE LIST.



Is it possible to go for a single semester at a location that offers 10-month?

Certainly! The MONTHS present in the agreement are merely indicative of a maximum period, so you must check the real start and end dates of the semester on the site of the host institution. Only students who leave in September can leave for annual mobility.



Is there a maximum or minimum of CFU that should be acquired during Erasmus?

The minimum required by the University of Florence to obtain the scholarship is 3 CFU recognized, but in the host institution there may be a different minimum (at least before the mobility), and the university may decide NOT to admit students who present a Learning Agreement with a number of credits lower than the minimum required (e.g. 20, 25 or 30 CFU per semester).



What does it mean ECTS?

In countries participating in the Erasmus program generally the number of credits of each course is expressed in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) where 1 ECTS is equivalent to 1 CFU.



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