Useful information for the research of the Host Organization

The best way to find the company where you want to spend the internship is to be directed by a professor of your study course. Alternatively, it may be useful contacting foreign institutions (located in the country where you intend to spend your internship) that can play a valuable intermediary role in the research for the company such as Chambers of Commerce, Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Italian embassies abroad, professional orders, etc.

Eligible Institutions

A higher education institution holding an Erasmus Charter or any public or private organization active in the labor market or in sectors such as education, training and youth.

For example:

  • a public or private company, small, medium or large in size (including social enterprises);
  • a public institution at the local, regional or national level;
  • a social partner or other representative of the world of work, including chambers of commerce, craft or professional associations, and trade unions;
  • a research institute;
  • a foundation;
  • a school/institution/educational center (at any level, from pre-school to upper secondary education, including vocational and adult education);
  • a nonprofit organization, association, or NGO;
  • an organization for career guidance, career counseling, and information services.

Each organization must be based in a country participating in the Erasmus program.

Ineligible Institutions

  • EU institutions and other EU bodies including specialized agencies
  • Organizations that manage EU programs, such as National Agencies (in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest and/or double funding).
  • The national diplomatic representations of the student's country of origin and present in the host country such as Embassies or Consulates..

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